Custom-Made Washable, Multi-Layered Cotton & Organic Cotton Weighted Blanke

Are you ready to 

Get Hugged?™

We Truly Care About Your Needs

We take a natural approach, & believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind & body are healthy.

 Our weighted blanket design, provides a reversible blanket of comfort, and we'll customize it just for you from hundreds of available fabrics.   


Natural Benefits

Our goal is to provide alternative products that will ease anxiety and sleeplessness that comes with many illnesses and conditions. Our weighted blanket results have proven that the best way to help the body is naturally, to assist and hopefully replace industrial produced pharmaceuticals. 


Our Promise to You

We understand that not all products are equal. That is why we offer customization that can work for your needs. You can count on us to always make the highest quality products using our  layering system featuring 4 sheets of Cool, Breathable, 100% Cotton and Organic Cotton for your Custom Weighted Blanket.  

Our Washable Weighted Blankets, and Washable Organic Weighted Blankets are comforting.  And, as alternative health products, our Weighted Blankets can help supplement or replace non-natural alternatives.